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Mary Quin

My work is driven by questions of meaning, purpose and perception, as well as seeing the subtlety within human existence—the

sacred within the mundane.  

I aspire to represent a deeper, more intuitive way of seeing. My work explores a paradox of photography by rendering fleeting ideas

and feelings into fixed images. Drawing on concepts from anthropology, philosophy and spirituality, I  explore  the space between

camera and subject – an area that often mirrors the spaces within and between people. 

I utilize a range of historic photographic equipment and processes in order to stay grounded in the historical roots and questions

inherent in photography—concerns of permanence, objectivity and perception. In some instances, using an 8x10 view camera, I create

large negatives to produce platinum palladium contact prints. And at other times I use found objects and individuals to create large-

scale cyanotypes. Most recently, in an effort to further explore the boundary of expression with light sensitive chemistry I have begun

drawing with photographic chemistry.

My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in many collections including the Center for Creative

Photography, Tucson, AZ. I've most recently had solo exhibitions at The Lionheart Gallery in Pound Ridge, NY; Nadine Blake, New

Orleans, LA; and SE Center For Photography, Greenville, SC.

I have a BS in Anthropology from Millsaps College, an MA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MFA in

Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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