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Mark and France Scully Osterman

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France Scully Osterman is an artist, educator and co-owner of Scully & Osterman studios. As an educator, Osterman is recognized for her extensive knowledge of early photographic processes. She co-published and edited The Collodion Journal quarterly from 1995 to 2002. Osterman's images and writing are published extensively. As an artist, she has received glowing reviews of her "Sleep" exhibit including Art in America, Paris Photo Magazine and the Village Voice.  Her prints and ambrotypes have been exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Poland, Switzerland, Japan and throughout the United States and are in the collections of numerous museums and private collections. 



Mark Osterman is an artist, educator, historian and co-owner of Scully & Osterman Studio where he currently works as an artist and teaches historic photographic processes. Previously Osterman was the Photographic Process Historian at George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York where he taught historic process workshops for photograph conservators and the general public. Widely recognized as the foremost expert in the evolution of photography, he is best known for his primary research in the collodion variants. His own imagery, often influenced by early spirit photography, is imaginative, masterful and represented in international collections. Osterman’s writings on historic photographic processes can be found in numerous photo history and conservation publications and his keynote lectures are always considered entertaining.


Scully and Osterman Studio

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